Elegant sailing experiences out of Newport & Jamestown, RI. on the classic 41' Concordia Yawl, Mr. Badger. All charters are private and have six guests or less. The perfect way to spend a summer day in New England.


Mr. Badger & Co. - Sailing Charters Newport and Jamestown

Mr. badger - Concordia 41’

Mr. Badger was built in 1957 in Lemwerder, Germany at the highly regarded Abeking and Rasmussen Shipyard. She is a classic wooden 41’ Concordia Yawl designed by Raymond Hunt & Waldo Howland. Out of the 103 designed and built 102 still remain. These yachts are said to transcend time and space with master craftsmanship and an excellent sheer. The Concordia Yawl is known as one of the most renowned racing and cruising boats in all of yachting.

Mr. Badger is a capable and comfortable boat for both the weathered sailor and the novice with plenty of space for lounging and relaxing. There is also a small galley with a two burner stove, sink, and ice box, a head (toilet), and four berths for sleeping down below.


Sail, swim, & delight this summer in style.

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Mr. Badger & Co. - Private Yacht Charters

Denis Dowling - captain

A true mariner at heart, Denis started his sailing career as a small boy aboard his parents 24' Buccaneer.  He felt at peace on the sea, intrigued by its power, and yearning for more.  Denis holds a 200 Ton Master’s Certificate with a celestial navigation endorsement and has run hundreds of successful charters all over the world.  He's sailed the Pacific coast of Central America, through the Panama Canal, danced between the Leeward and Windward Islands of the Caribbean, and crossed the Atlantic Ocean (eight times). Denis is versed with the personality of the Mediterranean, Baltic Sea, North Sea, and Bay of Biscay. He has restored ancient wooden vessels, and built new ones. He’s climbed the peaks of Zagorochoria hidden deep in the mainland of Greece, run rivers of the western United States, sailed for and against ten meter waves, said goodnight to many a sunset over the horizon, and accrued over 100,000 nautical miles.  Denis is at home under sail and always happy to share his knowledge and sea stories as you ply the waters of New England aboard Mr Badger.

Mr. Badger & Co. - Day Sailing Newport

allie medeiros - mate

A native Aquidneck islander, Allie grew up amidst the hardy seafaring folk of New England.  She always admired the transient lifestyle of a sailor, but aside from friendly summer dinghy races, her wanderlust was usually tended to ashore.  Then, one chilly October Day, Allie spied the happiest little boat that ever plied the waters of the Narragansett Bay.  The Carriacou Sloop, Summer Wind, was calling to her and Allie answered whole-heartedly.  She fell in love with life at sea, and began traveling extensively under sail.  Over the past five years, the craft has given her the opportunity to spend time in a dozen countries and sail the waters of three seas and two oceans. Ever ready to throw off the dock lines, Allie's warm smile and hospitable nature make her a most felicitous member of the crew.  


Hutch (1973), at the “Clam Mine” - Seal Cove Harbor, Isle au Haut, ME with his Concordia “Belles”.

Hutch (1973), at the “Clam Mine” - Seal Cove Harbor, Isle au Haut, ME with his Concordia “Belles”.

Sometimes in life, we are graced by the meeting of a kindred spirit from another time.  Mentor, guide, friend, whatever they may be called, they touch our lives and help to light the way as we move through our process.  In turn, we bring companionship and continuity to their life's work.  These magical encounters are part of our collective evolution, sharing the wisdom of experience and the spirit of youth between generations.  

For us, that person was Richard Hemenway Hutchinson, or "Hutch" as he was better known.  If ever there was a storybook character who came to life, Hutch was the Badger from "The Wind in the Willows."   Always willing to invite a soggy animal in from the winter, "The latch string is always out," he would say.  We would prepare supper as he stoked the fire and listened to our latest tale of misadventure.   As Grahame put it so eloquently, 

He sat in his arm-chair at the head of the table, and nodded gravely at intervals as the animals told their story; and he did not seem surprised or shocked at anything, and he never said, ‘I told you so,’ or, ‘Just what I always said,’ or remarked that they ought to have done so-and-so, or ought not to have done something else.

Hutch used to muse that his old Concordia, Belles, was the finest yacht he had ever sailed.  When it came to pass, that we were given the opportunity to "own" one ourselves, Hutch had already set sail on his final voyage.  We could not help but feel that his spirit was somehow entwined in the happening, and it was decided that we should name her in his honor, Mr. Badger.